Your E-Commerce Packaging Guide…

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, online shopping is a revelation for many. It is now possible to book dentist appointments online, buy a new outfit, and even arrange our weekly grocery shop to be delivered to our door, in just a few clicks. Presentation and damage prevention are key in providing your customer with the positive online shopping experience that keeps them coming back. Here is our packaging guide to consider when selecting your E-commerce packaging

The Size Of The Product – It is important to consider the dimensions of your product when planning your postal packaging. It is amazing how costs can add up by over packaging your goods. For example if you are packaging light, flat, non-fragile items you could save up to €4.20 per parcel, simply by sending as a packet (jiffy mailing bag) as oppose to a box.

The Value Of The Product – If you are shipping an expensive item, it might be a good idea to pay attention to the aesthetic details of the parcel. Why not wrap the goods in some luxury tissue paper before placing in a strong postal box? This will add a special touch to the delivery and show the customer that the sender cares how the goods arrive.

Fragile Products – A lot can happen to a parcel between dispatch and delivery. We all know the sinking feeling of receiving a damaged parcel, having spent time and money ordering a product and excitedly awaiting its arrival. This is why it is essential to invest in the right packaging materials. Ideally, the outer (secondary) packaging will be a strong, corrugated e-commerce box. If the item fits snugly in to the box, a layer of protective foam or bubble wrap secured around the item with sellotape should suffice. If however, there is empty space in the box void fill is a must to prevent damage. There are many void fill options, from kraft paper and tissue to inflatable fill air and pelaspan packing peanuts, depending on the nature of the product and scale of your operation. Finally, think packing tape. As standard it is imperative to seal the parcel with tape, following all openings of the box securely to make the package as sturdy as possible. A great added deterrent to heavy handling during the delivery process is printed tape. Fragile tape is a cost-effective, yet bold solution as well as tamper evident tape.

Create A Lasting Impression – Naturally, you want your customer to remember you for all the right reasons. The easiest way to do this is to put in the efforts above to ensure (as best you can) that your goods arrive in great condition.

Branding your packaging is another great way for your customers to remember you. If you are interested in branded postal packaging, take a look at our bespoke galleries for inspiration and email to discuss your requirements with one of our packaging experts.