We are in business to serve our customers by providing top quality packaging solutions at the best possible prices and with the highest level of service

Our vision is to be Ireland’s most customer centric packaging distributor

In fulfilling this Mission we are committed to the following standards:

  • Exceeding our customers’ expectations both in the quality of our products and service provided
    We consider ourselves to be in direct partnership with our customers and their businesses
    Their success is our success
  • Providing a safe, challenging, and positive work environment for our employees; our greatest assets.
    We promote a team style of managing our business whereby every employee is valued for his/her contribution toward our Mission
  • Developing mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our suppliers, thereby assuring us of their commitment to our Mission
  • Managing our company with integrity, honesty and with the utmost respect for our workplace, our community and our environment

Please contact us on the details below if you would like one of our Sales Representatives to meet you to discuss your packaging requirements


Telephone +353 61 229333