Meaghers Pharmacy Full suite

JJ O’Toole Ltd. is delighted to work with the Meagher’s Pharmacy Group which has a long history of providing excellent customer service just like us. The first store opened in 1921 on Baggot Street in Dublin, and was operated by the Meagher family up to 2001 when Oonagh O’Hagan purchased the store, and over the next 10 years, five more Meagher’s Pharmacies stores would be opened in the Dublin area. To date there are 8 stores located in Ireland.

Meaghers continues to be a family run, community based pharmacy business, and is a leader in the Dublin area for delivering excellence in patient care and in the provision of Consultation Services, serving their local community and expanding the role of the pharmacist.

Meagher’s Pharmacy was recently recognised as a Deloitte best managed company and we look forward to many more years working together with the Meaghers Pharmacy Group.