DCU CFB Women in Family Business event


The following excerpts are taken from a feature in the Centre for Family Business E-zine in November 2016 following their DCU CFB Women in Family Business events which began in October last year.

Learning to be both a Leader and a Caretaker —Vicki O’Toole and JJ O’Toole Ltd.

‘JJ O’Toole Ltd. is a 103 year-old family business owned and managed by Ms. Vicki O’Toole. The story starts in 1914 when JJ O’Toole established his business on Patrick Street in Limerick. The small business began trading and supplying packaging and branded stationery to local businesses.’

When the government introduced the plastic bag levy, the market for plastic packaging collapsed. Initially, JJ O’Toole was not too worried about the effect on business but this was soon to change. Vicki explains “turnover slumped by 40% almost immediately, forcing the company to “adapt or die”.

‘In 2011, she was named Image Magazine’s Business Woman of the Year. In 2014, JJ O’Toole celebrated its 100th year in business, which was one of the greatest milestones and sources of relief for Vicki.Speaking at the recent DCU CFB Women in Family Business event, Vicki O’Toole explains her journey from a stay at home mother to Managing Director of JJ O’Toole Ltd.’

Read more of this fascinating article here:  vicki_otoole_feature_centre for family business