Alex’s Journey, Fundraising Appeal

Alex is a 9 year old boy and the oldest of 3 small kids. He has been receiving treatment for Acute Lmyphoblastic Leukemia since 13th May 2014. He requires frequent hospital stays for sometimes weeks at a time for infections that rapidly get out of control. Side effects to chemotherapy mean round the clock care and attention, which is being provided by his father who has given up his job, to try alleviate symptoms.

Currently Alex’s treatment consists of daily oral chemotherapy and weekly hospital visits to have blood tests to see how his levels are so they can adjust daily chemotherapy if needed.  He receives twice monthly chemotherapy infusions and lumbar punctures every 3 months with chemotherapy injected into the fluid that surrounds his spine and brain to stop cancer cells spreading in that area. Alex is currently high risk of relapse but we’re hoping for the best. Even without relapse Alex and his family will be dealing with side effects of chemotherapy long after treatment has ended.

We are trying to help Alex and his family with their fundraising appeal during this very challenging time, and any help is gratefully appreciated

Please follow the link below to make your donation