More & more of our products are made from a biodegradable, 100 % recyclable and renewable raw material – paper.

We meet the needs of customers and fulfil our environmental and social responsibilities by sourcing virtually all the raw materials used in our products from sustainable and responsibly-managed forests.

Go Green And Make The Environment Clean

As a packaging company, we at JJ O’Toole Ltd have a social responsibility to care for the environment by providing a wide variety of eco-packaging such as food, retail and ecommerce packaging.

As Repak members, we are committed to working towards a more sustainable future through eco-friendly packaging.


Repak funds your household recycling bin and civic amenities all over Ireland. Find out more..


How do you reduce plastics and prevent plastic pollution?

We Sell A Range Of Eco Products

All Food Containers

Chinet Poly Plates


Bakery Range

Wooden Cutlery

22.2836.96 per pack

Containers and Boxes

2 PLY Napkin

56.34 per carton

All Food Containers

Ice Cream Cup PET Dome Lids

26.7240.90 per carton

All Food Containers

White Ice Cream Paper Cup

54.0978.21 per carton
71.97 per carton
59.80 per carton

All Food Containers

Kraft Soup Cup Paper Lid 16oz

44.35 per carton

Bespoke Eco & Reusable Branded Packaging

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