The Perfect Packaging Formula

Food Service packaging

In an age where retail is booming, consumerism is the new black, and aesthetics are appreciated; branding is essential for business survival.

Providing a huge array of bespoke packaging to some of Ireland and the UK’s biggest blue chip retailers has taught us a thing or two about branding and achieving the best return on your branded packaging budget. We have put together a few pointers…

Stand Out – The highstreet is flooded with happy customers buzzing from store to store. When they make a purchase, they often carry it around in a bag for several hours, catching the attention of passers by. But that’s just it; Are people taking notice of the bag? What message are they walking away with about that store?

If a business has a strong brand, they will mirror it consistently in their packaging to gain maximum brand recognition on the highstreet and beyond. Iconic clients like Brown Thomas with their classic stripes, black ribbon & high-end embossing and Newbridge Silverware with their instantly recognisable sky blue packaging and sumptuous silver hot foil lettering immediately register in the minds of onlookers.

Keep It Simple – Here at JJ O’Toole Ltd we are experts in packaging design and innovation. Surely this means we create lots of elaborate, over-the-top packaging designs for our clients, using the most rare and expensive materials? Wrong. We appreciate simplicity when it comes to branding packaging. It is so important to pay attention to a business’ brand, from pantone colours and fonts, to their target audience and product offering. The simplest designs, when executed well, are often the most eye-catching.

Consider Your Product – It is essential to think of the practicality of your packaging in terms of transporting your products safely from A to B. When it comes to paper bags for example, there are different strengths, sizes and finishes available to create your perfect carrier.

If you are selling cakes and tarts, opt for an extra wide base to keep items flat during transitZestIf you are looking for an e-commerce box, have you considered printing your logo on the inside of the box as an anti-theft measure or would you prefer it on the outer as an advertising tool?

Consider Your Customer – What is your customer buying? There is a huge difference between a designer garment from the world’s leading department store and a trowel from a local garden centre.

FenwickYour packaging should reflect this and can be determined largely by the selling prices and nature of your products. We guide our customers through the decision making process, offering packaging solutions that suit their customer’s expectations.

Be Unique – It can often be tempting to base your packaging around that of other companies. It is fine to take inspiration from others, but it will take additional creative flair to capture respect and trigger emotional engagement in your customers.