Sustainable Solutions

Our Social Responsibility

A collective action amongst retailers, packaging designers and manufacturers continue to drive towards a more holistic and sustainable approach to packaging. Making the switch to sustainable and recyclable packaging is an invaluable investment for all brands and the environment.

JJ O Toole Ltd take their part seriously in this drive and continue to educate clients on the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials that are available in the market and have successfully worked with companies to reduce or eliminate plastic packaging. We believe 2022 will continue to see plastics being replaced by bioplastics and paper.

Eco Design
Design and sustainability go hand in hand and this year we see eco design playing an even bigger part when designing packaging solutions. JJ O Toole Ltd assist clients to increase the sustainability of their packaging by considering how the design process will affect the products end of life Cycle (EOL). Our eco-design approach results in reduced emissions, reduced material and reduced energy which all result in protecting the environment in the future.

Reuse and Refill
There is a slow and steady growth on reusing and refilling packaging that is set to continue this year. JJ O Toole Ltd encourage ‘keepability over disposability’ to their clients  when considering their packaging and present marketing ideas to promote the use of ‘bags for life’ and other packaging products that can be repurposed rather than single use packaging.

Less is more
‘Less is more’ is often best for the brand by keeping the design classic and uncluttered.  With unique and unfussy design conceptions the brand is more likely to catch the attention of an audience.  Using less ink and ensuring the packaging sized for purpose is best for the environment and carbon footprint and a trend the Company see continuing for 2023.

Changes in lifestyle and shopping patterns
Changes in consumer lifestyle and shopping patterns are shaping the packaging market. Consumer convenience has led to an increase in demand for lightweight, on-the-go, ready-to-eat, and portable food packaging as changes in consumer lifestyle and shopping patterns shape the packaging market. The huge rise during the pandemic of online sales is expected to continue. It can be extremely difficult to create an experience with customers who are only interacting with your product through a screen. The unboxing experience and brand differentiation are the main driver to maintaining a strong brand narrative that customers remember and therefore sales in branded ecommerce packaging are set to continue for 2023.

Smart Packaging is on the rise

Smart packaging in food and products with visual QR codes will change the way we interact with customer goods by increasing sales and engagement, introducing transparency, building trust and connect towards customers. These are only a few of endless possibilities by introducing QR codes to packaging.  

At JJ O’Toole Ltd we provide a range of environmentally-friendly packaging solutions that are designed to ensure sustainability throughout the product life cycle.
We are on a mission to prove that sustainability and commercial success are mutually dependent. That belief is helping us change the modern packaging industry for the better.

Sustainability to JJ O’Toole

At JJ O’Toole we recognize the threat climate change has on our Earth.
We are committed to protecting the environment by utilizing energy as efficiently as possible.
In our office and warehouse we manage the dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly matter and prioritize prevention of waste at every opportunity through eco-design, reuse and repair. We recycle and re-use waste in ways that promote resource efficiency, reduce cost, protect health and the environment and move us towards a circular economy.

In our eco-friendly range we follow 5 stages of criteria for packaging to be sustainable:
We aim to ensure it is safe and healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle.
We aim to to meet market criteria for performance and cost.
We aim to source packaging that is produced using renewable energy.
We optimize the use of renewable and recycled materials.
We ensure our packaging is designed to minimize material waste.

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