Procurement Consulting Department

JJ O’Toole Ltd is not just an award-winning purveyor of packaging and design. We are also a premier sourcing services provider. Our team has successfully sourced hundreds of category products and in turn produced savings for our clients. We serve as an expansion of client’s existing teams, saving them time and resources by applying our experience, tools, cross-industry best practices, and personalized solutions to sourcing all types of products.


JJ O‘Toole Ltd find the needle in a stack of needles for our clients. We work with our panel of reliable cost effective and competitive manufacturing partners to support your company’s supply chain which can be an incredibly important and challenging task.
We leverage our experience and ability to locate, qualify, and manage manufacturers that are appropriate for your product and company.Our sourcing methodology takes risk out of the sourcing process by employing cutting-edge best practices.You will receive manufacturing quotations and pre-production samples from us before mass production commences. We ensure every factory that we work with are compliant with our stringent policies and procedures to ensure that your company and product are on track for successful manufacturing and delivery.

Manufacturing Development

Sourcing the right suppliers is key, but only the beginning. On behalf of our clients, JJ O’Toole Ltd lead the selected manufacturers through a development process that is integral for new and innovative products. This is a key phase of development in the process that will establish the foundation for quality manufacturing and a mutually beneficial relationship going forward. Be it strict adherence to the development process or bringing a critical eye to manufacturing issues which arise during the process, we work to ensure that the subtleties of the product concept and design are maintained, and often improved upon.
Whether sourcing from one or multiple vendors, JJ O’Toole Ltd coordinate the entire process to provide clients efficiency in a retail-ready shipment of goods

Product Design & Development

Do you want your product to look great on the retail shelf? Developing and sourcing the best packaging solution may be the key advantage in improving your sell-thru and catching the eye of buyers.Through our talented Graphic Design Department, we will coordinate creative packaging solutions, production sample approval, and production, helping our clients achieve greater flexibility and speed-to-market.
New product innovation must be supported by excellence and efficiency in the product development and sourcing processes. Engaging key manufacturing parties is key to this process.

Prototype Creation

We develop cost-effective prototypes and mock-ups of your product quickly for design, marketing, and development purposes. We provide your company with access to prototype experts and cutting-edge technologies to build effective representations of your product in this critical phase of the development process.
New product innovation must be supported by excellence and efficiency in the product development and sourcing processes. Engaging key manufacturing parties early allows for parallel development and production ramp processes–helping our clients achieve greater flexibility and speed-to-market.


We provide a freight forwarding and customs clearance service for each single drop order to the location of your choice.


To complete our turn-key service, we also provide clients an option to warehouse, pick and pack and ship their products.

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